Goafest 2014

Posted on August 18th, 2014 Tags :

Goafest 2014 turned into an unbridled ‘goa out and party’ fest with the Sarva team rocking the exhilarating vibe and all pervasive atmosphere of music and fun. The Sarva Seven was comprised of experienced Goafest veterans and talented ‘first-timers’ from both servicing and creatives; all of whom unanimously agreed that Goafest was still ‘fully worth experiencing’. Packed with workshops, seminars and a culture and ambiance that’s uniquely Indian, the highlights of this year’s Goafest were many and varied. Ad gurus spotlighted new ways of wielding social media and applications; Google India sparked participant interest and interaction with imaginative ‘playhouses’ with unusual ‘tests of stamina’, memory games and 5-minute ‘quick time’ seminars… Stand-up comedians AIB recounted hilariously witty anecdotes of convoluted twists, turns and curves in the industry where quick thinking had often overcome obstacles and saved the day… and the well planned list went on and on from knowledge sharing forums with Goafest judges to exhibitions, after-parties, dancing and more. Sri Lanka still has a long way to go to reach the standard of work displayed at Goafest; but the Sarva Seven, buoyed by the experienced, is hopeful that the day a Sri Lankan qualifier shines at Goa is not too far away. Thanks.