Sarva Inspiration Session highlights digital innovation

Posted on August 16th, 2017 Tags :

Sarva Integrated recently concluded yet another Inspiration Session titled ‘Market Updates : Being a digital transformer in a connected world’. The session featured Saliya Withana, CEO of Enfection, a newly formed digital marketing start-up and used global case studies to demonstrate digital marketing strategies and topics relevant to Sri Lanka’s emerging digital market. It also shed light on new digital marketing channels, tools & methodologies used overseas and provided essential updates for modern marketers to stay ahead of the curve. The main topics discussed on the agenda included ‘in-demand skills for modern marketers, inbound marketing and storytelling, Gutless Marketing (Google analytics that change the game), competitor intelligence, E2E customer journey mapping, big data & predictive analytics and Digital KPIs – Demistified”.

Guest speaker Saliya is an experienced marketer who has delivered high impact digital marketing campaigns for local and overseas brands. He has worked for Sri Lankan Airlines, Air France UK, Intuit (a billion dollar US conglomerate at which he handled the digital marketing for UK & Ireland) and WSO2 Sri Lanka. Saliya was named one of the ‘100 Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders’ by the World Marketing Congress in 2016.

A member of the organizing committee, speaking on behalf of Sarva Integrated said, “In a digital landscape that’s changing at astonishing speed, companies can’t afford to miss out on potential opportunities to communicate with customers or change their business model. This is one of the many reasons we took the initiative to help everyone stay updated and in the digital loop at our most recently held Sarva Inspiration Session.”

Sarva Inspiration Sessions, which are organized as knowledge sharing forums every other month, invite respected business personalities and leading authorities in diverse fields to share their experience and knowledge with others in the corporate sphere. The seminars are open to all’ and feature in-depth presentations and Q&A sessions.

Sarva Integrated, which recently celebrated its twelfth anniversary, is renowned for creating explosive growth for its clients. Its brand portfolio currently includes Pan Asia Bank, Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC, Darley Butler & Co., the NDB Group, Hemas Hospitals, Softlogic Finance, Lanka Bell, Chevron Lubricants, Hutchison Telecom, Union Assurance, Pyramid Wilmar, Godrej Sri Lanka and the Hayleys Group as well as hospitals, FMCG brands, automobiles, educational institutes and more.