Maintaining corporate image at a time of crisis.

Posted on November 25th, 2022 Tags :


We simply come to conclusions or make decisions based on information available to us. This is something very normal and universal. The ‘availability heuristic’ explains that when we evaluate or make decisions, we tend to use information that comes to mind quickly and easily. What information do your consumers have about your brand?

We don’t have full control of the information our consumers receive, about our brand/s. They could grasp information through news, word of mouth, competitor activity, etc. Thus, maintaining a corporate image or reputation, which includes a strategic feed of information to all stakeholders, at a time of crisis, is important. It also helps consumers to remember your brand (Top of Mind) and to know that you are still around.

Let’s leave the current crisis in the country aside for a moment. It is a well-accepted fact that the right brand communication needs to reach consumers at the right time through the right channel. That is the tried and tested approach to stay relevant to consumers and be effective with the information you share with them. But, did you know that some global brands have communications/PR plans readily available to roll out within 24 hours of a possible ‘brand crisis’? It has been a strong part of the (brand-related) crisis management strategy of many giant marques that have faced unexpected problems and yet have turned around successfully. Now, coming back to the current conditions of our country, remember that ‘consumers are angry’ (as explained in my previous article). Furthermore, our environment rapidly changes, leaving us less time to adapt. Thus, it is the responsibility of brand custodians to ensure that their brand/s continue to communicate with all its stakeholder (especially the consumers) and keep them up-to-date with the right information.