Hutch – Wada

The HutcT he message which needed to be communicated was that Hutch was offering IDD calls at the lowest rate, with the least amount of usage difficulty. In comparison, competitor networks imposed many conditions such as requiring specific amounts to be reloaded, or requiring the insertion of specific codes before dialing etc.

Hutch needed to develop a campaign on a limited budget that would break through the clutter and be noticed, whilst subtly differentiating Hutch on the ground of user convenience.

Sarva’s approach was simple, low cost and effective. The campaign brought focus to problems faced by frequent IDD callers through a catchy jingle, with a twist of words on the multiple meanings of the ‘Wada’.

The pun on the word “Wada” highlighted that the other networks were troublesome, and was easily understandable by a wide audience as well.

Subsequent to the campaign’s launch, Hutch’s IDD call ratio increased along with the rate of new connections as well. The campaign worked on a small budget, as the approach used was effective enough to curb costly spending, yet deliver results similar to that of a large scale campaign.