Meadow Lea

After an intense pitching process in which we competed against all of Sri Lanka’s top multinational agencies, Sarva Colombo was awarded the important task of introducing Meadow Lea to a completely new market.

It was a gigantic task as our main competitor was none other than Astra who dominated the market and had established cult-like brand loyalty. They also had the resources to outshoot us and outmanoeuvre us every step of the way.

Although Meadow Lea had been in the Sri Lankan market for over thirty years, it was an imported product aimed at the upper income audience and sold mainly at supermarkets.

This is where Sarva’s unique local insight through research helped provide the client a competitive edge. Our research showed us that none of the mothers in our potential audience had heard of or were familiar with the brand name Meadow Lea. We also learnt that most of these moms felt a lack of appreciation in their lives by their family.

We used these insights along with the fact that most Sri Lankan names end with Lea (i.e Shemali, Natali) to introduce the brand through a relevant and heartwarming commercial. The emotional cues along with our unique jingle not only helped the communication to cut through the clutter but made it easier for moms in our audience to identify with the brand. In fact, this was the only time we saw a mom cry while looking at a storyboard during the process of concept testing.

We are proud to say, Meadow Lea is is a strong competitor in the market today.