Neutro Carb

Haycarb is the world’s leading manufacturer of activated carbon. They were the first in the world to develop an eco friendly zero emission carbon which would prove valuable in the long run as consumers in the Western world became more and more environmentally conscious. Even though this is a B2B operation, Haycarb wanted to brand this product in a manner that would enable them to maintain a competitive edge against other zero emission carbons that were coming into the market at more competitive prices. They also hoped manufacturers who bought their brand could leverage on the brand awareness they hoped to create, in a manner similar to that of “Intel Inside” which was being leveraged by manufactures of laptops and PCs.
Our task was to develop a name which was not used before but which conveyed everything about the product directly. We achieved this by combining the words ‘Neutral’ and ‘Zero’ to develop the name “NeutrO Carb” which was loved by the client as it adhered to all his requirements.