Dimo who had been concentrating on selling bulbs to the corporate and industrial sector wanted to expand their reach to retail outlets. However they had a problem in their hands. None of the retail outlet owners wanted to stock the product which was quite expensive as no one would want to buy it. Our task was to develop a TV commercial which would be so popular that it would create an instant pull for Osram products in the market.

When we analyzed the CFL market we realized that 70% of CFL were duplicate bulbs which did not deliver the 80% power saving which genuine bulbs did. We also realized that people bought these cheap bulbs in good faith without realizing they were getting cheated.

Our strategy was to get these people who were already purchasing cheap CFL bulbs to upgrade to our product.

We also took quite an unconventional creative route for an imported high technology product in using a traditional Korale Mahattaya. However it worked. Today Osram still faces a problem. Germany cannot supply enough lamps to meet the demand for the product which has been created after the campaign.