Pan Asia Bank Champion Saver

All depositors want to earn better money for their savings. Therefore, when Pan Asia Bank was looking to increase its depositor base, they decided to launch a product which offered high interest to customers. The bank asked the agency to launch a high interest savings product, which had all the benefits of a savings account coupled with a high interest similar to a fixed deposit.

Before working on the creative campaign, Sarva went on a fact finding mission and spoke to many people with savings accounts. Their feedback enabled us to understand that most people were under the impression that they were getting 6 -8% interest on their savings accounts when in reality they were getting less than 4% on most savings accounts.Everyone wanted a higher interest but the majority were unaware of the low interest they were getting.

Sarva used this as the insight for the communication and did a campaign which featured consumers saying they were unaware of the interest they were getting on their savings accounts.

This prompted many people to relook at the actual interest they were getting on their savings accounts and led to many people moving their money from normal accounts to Champion Saver Accounts. The campaign resulted in Pan Asia Bank doubling its savings base within a year.